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The Porch is a nationwide, young adult ministry, with a sole purpose to reach all young adults. The Porch exists to call any and every young adult to see Jesus and to surrender fully to life with Him. The Porch uses local churches to host service schedules and events. The Porch Live Springfield is hosted by Park Crest Baptist Church but exists to provide an opportunity for all young adults to gather, worship and become more like Christ in the greater Springfield, MO region.



  • Committed follower of Jesus Christ

  • Committed to growing spiritually in your walk with Christ

  • Committed to excellence in every area of service

  • Be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of Park Crest Baptist Church

  • Be a faithful member/attendee of a local, Bible-believing church

  • Agree to live according to I Corinthians 11:1 and live above reproach:

    • Understanding that, as a leader, my personal life will be observed by others and viewed as an example; including how I represent myself on social media (Ephesians 4:17-5:8)

    • Agreeing to pursue a life of purity and resist the sexual temptations of sexual immorality, sex outside of marriage, and pornography (I Corinthians 6:18)

    • Avoiding drunkenness, recreational drug use, and cohabitation in dating and social life (I Timothy 3:2)

    • Agreeing to refrain from drinking alcohol at all Porch-sponsored events.

  • Have a willingness to die to self and serve others beyond anything else

  • Be ready to encourage young adults to take their next step in their relationship with Christ. 

  • Create a warm, welcoming and safe environment for growth to take place. 

  • Be prepared to articulate the gospel and share your testimony at any time


  • I am willing to commit to 12 months of serving weekly at The Porch. 

  • Tuesday Nights

    • I am able to commit to team meetings at 6PM each Tuesday, and am able to stay until 9:30PM. 

    • I recognize that Tuesday evenings are a time of outreach and service to Porch attendees. It is not a time for Porch leaders to focus on hanging out with friends. 

    • I am able to serve The Porch every Tuesday with the understanding that I will communicate with my leader if schedules conflict or a break is needed. 

  • I am able to commit to serving at a minimum of (2) Porch Social events a year (potentially non-Tuesday nights).

  • I am able to commit to one team meeting or hangout per month outside of Tuesday nights. 

  • I will commit to reaching out to my Porch Follow-Up (assigned guest) within a week of being assigned. 

  • Communication 

    • I understand that I will communicate with my Porch leader in a timely fashion if I am not able to attend a Porch event or Tuesday night.

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