SHOWtheCity is an effort of Park Crest Baptist Church to SHOW the love of Christ through acts of kindness and generosity with the intent of starting a gospel conversation


9AM - Grow Groups "Tell Someone" Week 4

10:15AM - Worship Service

11:30PM - Lunch in the Round Auditorium

After Lunch - Pray with your SHOWtheCity group

After Prayer - SHOWtheCity

3PM - Return to the Round Auditorium and share about your group's experience


We hope to see the people of Park Crest...

- Start conversations about Jesus with individuals they meet.

- Make a personal connection with individuals that they will continue to reach out to and share with gospel with.

- Invite individuals to attend a worship service.

- Lead individuals to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

If any of these goals take place, SHOWtheCity will be a success!


What are we doing at SHOWtheCity?

We are splitting up into smaller groups with the goal of doing acts of kindness for people in our community. While carrying out these acts we want to seek opportunities to start a conversation about Jesus with the people we meet.

Where will the money come from to do these acts of kindness and generosity?

Park Crest will contribute $100 to each Grow Group to split between SHOWtheCity groups for the purpose of performing acts of kindness. Each Grow Group will also receive an offering that morning that will then be used by that group to carry out these acts of kindness. 100% of what is given in that offering will be used solely by the SHOWtheCity groups in the Grow Group.

If I join a group, will I be pressured into participating?

Absolutely not. You will be placed in a group with a leader that is fully equipped and prepared for this outreach opportunity. They will encourage and help you, but will not pressure you to participate in something that you are uncomfortable with.

What if I'm uncomfortable with sharing the Gospel?

Welcome to the club. Some are more comfortable than others, but we all get nervous.  This event gives us an opportunity to put into practice what God has called us to do with other believers by our side.

Will you place me in a SHOWtheCity group?

If you are not already plugged into a group, we will gladly help you find one that best fits you. Our plan is to plug you into a SHOWtheCity group with people in your same age range.

Is the lunch in the Round Auditorium free?

Yes! All those participating in SHOWtheCity are welcome to join us for a free lunch following the main worship service.