Guidelines for In-Person Gatherings at The Park

All areas (rooms, seating, commonly touched items and areas) will be cleaned and sanitized prior to any class or service.

Bathrooms will be sanitized between each individual use.

Outdoor playground may be used, with hand sanitizer required before and after use.

Where do I park and Check-In my child?

Parking will be available in the northeast and northwest parking lots with overflow parking available in the main south parking lot. Handicap parking will be available in the northwest lot. Both entrances are handicap accessible.

The closest entrance to the North Check-In is Door 6. The North Check-In is the only Check-In that will be open for drop-off and pick-up.

Flow Map.png

All leaders and children will be screened at check-in. Temperature must be below 100.4 degrees. Thermometers will be sanitized between uses.

A short health survey must be taken before entry that checks for systems such as "shortness of breath or coughing". 

Social distancing must be followed during the check-in/screen process.


Birth - 11 years


Children 12 years +

All adults and volunteers

Masks are allowed to be taken off while drinking, eating, and teaching on stage.

Our Children's Ministry Volunteers will check-in everyone. During this time, there will be no computers available for individuals to check themselves in.

Parents will still receive an ID sticker for their child and parent sticker for pick-up.

If your child has never attended a service at The Park - please fill out the Child Pre-Registration below.

Nursery Guidelines

All toys will be thoroughly sanitized between services.

All blankets, cloths, rags, etc. will only be used by one child be service and will be washed after use.

Gloves will be used when changing a diaper. All diaper changing areas will be sanitized between uses.

Hand sanitizer will be used before and after holding a baby/toddler and before and after changing a diaper.

Pre-K - Elementary Guidelines

Crafts and craft supplies will be provided for each child's individual use. The same supplies will be given to the same child each week, kept in designated cubbies/boxes.

One room will be used for music and lesson, one room will be used for craft and snack to allow for sanitization in between uses. Hard to clean games/toys will be removed and all other toys will be sanitized between services.

Seating will be distanced.

Pre and Post-service games will be available, but social distancing will be managed during play time and while waiting in line.