Stage 1

Current Schedule

Worship Service

8:45AM - Round Auditorium

10:15AM - Round Auditorium

Grow Groups

Sunday, Wednesdays, Thursdays


AWANA, Students, Life Group


Come celebrate with your church family on this exciting day as we re-enter the main auditorium, lobby, nursery, and classrooms that we have not been able to use since March of 2020. 




We transitioned to holding services in our round auditorium due to a mold problem within our main auditorium. Throughout the past year there has been a lot of work done to resolve this issue along with a few necessary updates to our facility. When re-entering you may notice some of these changes, but many you may not. Here is an update on everything that has changed since we previously met in these spaces.


We have a brand new roof over the main auditorium, nursery, and gymnasium. The kalwall windows from the top of the main auditorium walls have been removed and replaced with exterior surface and interior drywall. All of the surfaces with mold have either been removed or cleaned, and we have passed all testing through an independent mold mitigation company.  


Every ceiling light fixture in the main auditorium has been adapted with LED lights. This will save on our energy bill and will also remove the distraction of flickering lights during services.

We have a newly remodeled stage with brand new carpet and design elements. We have updated our production equipment with new computers, a new sound board calibrated by professional sound technicians, new placement of cameras, and enhanced sound for our online presence.


We found that we had lighting for our platform that had not properly worked for years and have updated our stage lighting for the first time since we started holding services in that building. You will notice in the first service that we have two new, brighter and higher resolution projectors.


Many locations including hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms have a fresh coat of paint. There is new signage throughout the entire lobby. The lobby carpet has been deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. We have replaced old or stained ceiling tiles, and we even have new welcome mats.

We have approved and purchased state of the art sound treatment for better audio quality and volume control. This is the only update that will not be completed by our first Sunday back, but it will be installed in the following weeks. 




Sunday, June 20th 

9am Grow Groups

10:15am One Main Worship Service 


This will be an exciting day for multiple reasons. First, now that we have our classroom space back, we are able to hold all Grow Groups at 9am on Sunday mornings once again. We invite you on this day to jump back into your Grow Group or find the perfect group for your stage of life and get involved! This is a great time to join. To find the best group for you check out


Second, on this first day back we will observe communion. This is an element of the local church that brings about unity. Throughout the past year, holding multiple services in the round auditorium, Grow Groups meeting at different times and locations, and many people waiting until they feel safe to return to in-person gatherings has caused a natural struggle to the unity of every church. We pray this day will be a great reuniting of our entire church through Grow Groups, one main worship service, and communion.  


Lastly, it’s Fathers Day! We’re excited to recognize and celebrate all of the dads attending on this day! We have a gift for each father present. 




Things have changed. For both those that have attended services in this space and for those that are new, we want to update you on what will take place and what these new facilities have to offer starting Sunday, June 20th. 


  1. The Main Entrance is now open and available for entry! These doors will have ‘Main Auditorium Entrance’ signs above them as well as being labeled door 1. You will find this entrance under the awning on the south end of our campus. 

  2. Parking is still available by the round auditorium but to enter the main entrance you may prefer to park in the larger south parking lots.

  3. All Grow Groups will begin meeting weekly on Sunday mornings at 9am starting on this day. These groups will return to their designated classrooms. If you don’t know where your group meets check out 

  4. The Nursery is open and is a separate check in from our children's ministry. You can find this check in located toward the center of the auditorium lobby directly across the hallway from the Information Center. 

  5. The Child Check-In for Grow Groups and Worship at The Park is now located in the north west corner of this updated facility. Don’t worry if you’re new to this space, our greeters would be glad to show you where this is, or you can follow the updated signage when you arrive. 

  6. We have multiple Cry Rooms available in the back corners of the main auditorium for parents to use if needed. These are reserved solely for parents with small children, to view and listen to our services. 

  7. Family Restrooms are available with amenities such as space for strollers or wheelchairs, handrails, baby changing stations, and benches for nursing mothers. 

  8. Information Center hosts are available for questions from members and guests alike. The Information Center is located in the center of the lobby and will be a hub for all events, information, and first time guest gifts.

  9. Giving boxes will be located by each door in the back of the main auditorium like we currently have in the round auditorium. This will be the primary way to receive all tithes and offerings. 

  10. There is a Balcony in the main auditorium but this space is not open for seating because it has not been completed. We ask that everyone sit on the main level.

  11. We are bringing back the Pastor Meet & Greet. This will be held by the main entrance after the worship service, and the ultimate goal is for our first time guests to meet and connect with our pastor.  

  12. We believe giving people an opportunity to respond to how God spoke to them during worship and the message is important. We will bring back the Invitation time following the message in some of our services. People will be available to pray on their own but altar workers will be available if someone has questions or desires prayer. 




A lot will change this Sunday, but the mission of our church has not. We still exist to SHOW the love of Christ, so that people come to KNOW Christ, and GROW in their relationship with Christ. We look forward to continuing on with this mission in our updated space this Sunday! 


God Bless


Stage 2

Main Auditorium Reopens: June 20th

Worship Service

10:15AM - Main Auditorium

Grow Groups

Sundays at 9am



Special Events on the 1st Wednesday of every month


Stage 3

Fall Kick-Off on August 29th

Worship Service

10:15AM - Main Auditorium

Grow Groups

Sundays at 9am



AWANA, Students, Adults meet every Wednesday