May 22nd
Online Bulletin


3rd - 12th Graders

Camp season is almost here!

Summer Schedule

May 25th - AWANA Awards

June 1st - First Wednesday: Park Crest at the Ball Park

July 6th - First Wednesday: Park Night

August 3rd - First Wednesday: Getaway Golf

Park Crest at the Ball Park

June 1st

Kick off the new summer schedule at the Springfield Cardinals baseball game with us! Tickets are available for purchase at the Information Center.

Promotion Sunday

June 5th

During the Grow Group hour, incoming kindergarteners - incoming 9th graders for the 2022-2023 school year will be promoted to their new groups.

Business Meeting

June 12th

Following the worship service on Sunday, June 12th, there will be a business meeting for Park Crest members to vote on the purchase of new carpet and chairs.

Those who are serving during the worship service will have to opportunity to receive details from Pastor and vote at 8:30am in the Foundations classroom.

Grow Groups

Life is better when we do it together. Find a Grow Group to connect with.


If you are interested in being baptized, please follow the link below


General Offering


Missions Offering


Schedule Changes

To be notified about service schedule changes due to inclement weather, etc. please fill out a connection card.