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How Do Grow Groups Work?

There is a Grow Group for every age and stage of life, including kids! Grow Groups at The Park are designed so that kids can learn about God in groups specifically tailored for their grade level. That's why we strive to understand the phase of life that every kid is in so that we can better help them learn!

Check out a short description of each of our Grow Groups in The Park below!


Pre-K - Kindergarten

Kids this age have one question:


In this Grow Group we seek to introduce them to biblical answers for this never-ending question through fun activities and teaching. We want to take this age group's natural desire to talk and move and funnel that into an interactive learning time. Funny quotes and new friendships abound with these kids! While they'll still have question, all of that wonder and curiosity is starting to require them to live out what they learn to truly understand it. From coloring pages, to Play-Doh, to active lessons, this class is ready for your kids.

1st -3rd Graders

By this age, 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders are all about one word: FUN!

However, they have also started to think in more concrete terms. Fair is fair, equal is equal. Our Grow Group leaders are prepared to help guide them through this phase by pointing them to what Jesus says when life isn't fair or when things don't go their way - and they'll always make it FUN!


4th - 6th Graders

In this Grow Group, your kids will tackle the challenges of feeling a little too old to be a kid, but may a little too young to give all the kid-stuff up. Through small group activities and discussion, your 4th - 6th graders will have the chance to go deeper into what the Bible says about their issues and talk it out with other kids going through the same things each week. This Grow Group also takes on a little more responsibility and leadership, as they start to learn how to lead younger kids in worship, run technology for our worship service, and even give high-fives and greet other kids in The Park.

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